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VEER is a Maryland-based hard rock band established in 2016, whose roots are planted firmly in the soil of the mid- atlantic music scene. Comprised of members from Kelly Bell Band, Nellie Blide, and Public Eye, VEER's music owes its origin to the post-grunge, alternative hard rock movement of the mid to late '90s and early 2000's. Songs like "Come Clean," "Power Drive," and "Douse" have quickly come to signify their brand of original, hard-hitting, rhythm-driven alt-rock, layered with enigmatic lyrics.

"Lyrically, the songs are about nothing and everything all at once," says front man Ronald Malfi. "The music is mid- range heavy but deceptively upbeat. The lyrics -the meaning behind the lyrics- are much darker than the casual listener might realize."

The backbone of the band consists of bassist Christian Mathis and drummer Jon Malfi, whose cohesion forms a steady pulsing groove at the heart of each song. Hook-laden choruses, driving guitar riffs augmented by lead guitarist Ryan Fowler's blistering solos, and energetic live performances have quickly earned the band a place among the mid-Atlantic's elite.

On January 16, 2018, the band's first single, "Come Clean," began to chart internationally, hitting #6 on Australia's 89.5 The Voice of the Valley. The single received a very positive reception and increased support from Australian radio, ultimately boosting "Come Clean" to the #1 position in Australia in February 2018. The band quickly released a follow- up single, "Douse," which went on to reach #5 in Australia that same month. By April, "Come Clean" was back at #1 on 89.5 in Australia, and also reached #8 in the United States on the 365 Radio Network's Top 20 charts.

"VEER's fearless delivery of pulse pounding guitar riffs and hook-i-licious choruses, are enough to shake the tweeters in your speakers, and rock their way to the top." Shockwave Magazine said in a review of the band's two singles as well as their live performances. AC Rock Reviews said, "An immediate influx of Hard Rock charisma hits you like a hurricane as "Come Clean" makes an unapologetic entrance," while Melodic Music Reviews expressed excitement for the upcoming full-length album, certain that it will be "a crowd pleaser for fans."

VEER has been direct support for a number of national acts, including Sponge, Fuel, Eve to Adam, Puddle of Mudd, 40 Below Summer, and many more.

Currently, VEER just finished up their debut album, Apocalyptic, Baby, which is set for release December 1st.